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Our areas of legal expertise

Here is an overview of the areas in which our lawyers specialise.

Our Specialisations

EU law

From cases involving EU nationals and their non EEA family members such as spouses/partners, children and extended family members: we represent and advise you in all EU law matters.


We represent and advise on The Points-Based System, Visitors and family visas.

Nationality and British Citizenship

We provide advise and representation in all cases involving Registration as child and for adult in special circumstances, Applying for British Citizenship, Applying for Naturalisation as a British Citizen, Different British Nationalities. The Light Legal Services has a specialist nationality team and is proud of its reputation in this specialist area of law. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how to apply for British citizenship´╗┐

We are experienced in the sensitivity required in these legal areas and work to ensure a reasonable, fair outcome in your best interests.